Octapharma Plasma

Based on 457 reviews, this Blood donation center has received a rating of 4.5 stars

Address: 6731 W Central Ave, Wichita, KS 67212

Located In: Crossroads Shopping Center

Phone: (316) 448-6035

Website: https://www.octapharmaplasma.com/plasma-donation/wichita-ks-149/

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Octapharma Plasma 67212


Monday 7 AM–7 PM
Tuesday 7 AM–7 PM
Wednesday 7 AM–7 PM
Thursday 7 AM–7 PM
Friday 7 AM–7 PM
Saturday 7 AM–7 PM
Sunday 7 AM–7 PM

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raquel fabi
The first session went smoothly, but they hurt both my arms looking for the vein. In the second session it took an hour to be seen and the girl pierced my arm without putting pressure on the arm to swell the vein, she kept moving the needle for several minutes. In the end she told me to go home without making the donation and come back the next day. I didn’t get paid for it, so I wasted time and my arm hurt and bruised for days.

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Sean Stover
They have improved immensely since I first started. This is also the fastest donation center I’ve been to. Everyone is pretty nice and professional here. They are getting busier each week but still get you in and out promptly.

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Airial Wedel
My experience at Octapharma has been excellent. A few years ago, I donated at another plasma center in town and stopped because the service and location were were unpleasant. Right when I walked in the door I was met with a clean facility and smiling staff. Each staff member I have encountered is proficient and knowledgeable. There is never an unbearably long line and it’s very much an “in and out” experience. I would recommend calling and asking how busy it is prior to your first donation.

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Briant Smith
It was a terrific donation experience. All of the staff were very courteous and explained everything really well. Very clean and well-maintained. Plan to be there for up to 3 hours for your first time. The compensation for new donors is WORTH IT! They really were great.

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Jessica Gonzalez
The staff is friendly and the flow is smooth but a big issue I have is no one ever changes their medical gloves. They go from donor to donor handling their blood and not once do the change gloves to help prevent possible spreading of diseases. It’s extremely concerning.

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Concer Zitticen
Very nice people working there. It is a smooth process. Very clean and easy to understand what is expected. The best plasma clinic I have used, by far.

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Reuben McCann
The workers were touching their mouth, nose and eyes with gloves on. Without changing gloves they were then putting needles in individuals. STAY AWAY FROM HERE!!!! There are other places to go.

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Chad E
Great service, clear explanation of risks and what they need, very efficient, clean as can be. Great atmosphere and friendly staff. Never had an issue, even with trainees.

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Amanda Cotter
Some of the staff seems to be real short with you at times and got the feeling of being. Ignored. Was just as king what a certain number meant on machine and I just got ” yeah umm just a second ok… It’s not important though it’s just counting really.” Is that all you wanted.?”

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Tiffany Byers
You have asthma and take meds don’t go… I can sit there and watch people fall out due to substance abuse and get to donate but I get refused due to asthma… I will never suggest anybody waste their time here… I will not be going back… At least I was honest… makes you wonder how much bullcrap has gone through the cracks… nothing greater then accepting meth filled plasma I guess…

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