Talecris Plasma Resources

Talecris Plasma Resources, part of the Grifols Network of Plasma Donation Centers, is dedicated to donor safety and high-quality plasma.
We collect protein-rich plasma to develop life-saving therapies for conditions like immune deficiencies, hemophilia, and hepatitis.

Donors are paid for their time, ensuring safety and comfort. Your donations fuel our life-changing medications.

Donate plasma at Grifols Plasma. Thank you for making a difference.

Based on 440 reviews, this Blood donation center has received a rating of 4.5 stars

Address: 3511-A Desiard Street, Monroe, LA 71203

Phone: (318) 345-0051

Website: https://www.grifolsplasma.com/en/-/monroe-la?utm_source=gmb&utm_medium=yext&y_source=1_MjY4NDQ5ODMtNzE1LWxvY2F0aW9uLndlYnNpdGU%3D

Talecris Plasma Resources 71203


Monday 6 AM–6 PM
Tuesday 6 AM–6 PM
Wednesday 6 AM–7 PM
Thursday 6 AM–7 PM
Friday 6 AM–7 PM
Saturday 7 AM–3 PM
Sunday 7 AM–4 PM

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Theresa Peters
Very caring and professional. You are treated with respect. It is a 3 hour one time screening and if you miss a couple of months between donating you will have to be screened again, it’s protocol. These are lives we are saving. The financial compensation is a plus. But be courteous.

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Rashawn Arterbridge
I love coming here. Different, unique personalities. The employees here make donating fun. Sometimes lines get long but that’s anywhere, worth the wait,nice people, good place to donate.

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logan roberson
Ridiculous wait times. Half the employees good and the other half need to be let go. Be at the front booth on their phone texting, no sense of urgency, be mad looking like they hate their job. If you don’t want to be here get the heck out!

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Rich Black
The employees care more about socializing, and checking phones/smart watches than they do your time. THE MOST UNPROFESSIONAL PLASMA CENTER I’VE EVER BEEN TO. Also, they seem to always be understaffed. Management needs to get their employees in line, or find new management.

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Yesterday we arrived at 1:15 they said they weren’t taking anymore people bc they closed at 3 but to come back tomorrow…So 15 mins out and I to let them know we’d be arriving they said the nurse had an emergency situation which they can’t control .. I really believe they aren’t telling the truth and just like I’m trying to give money for plasma their people out there really needing it..If they don’t want to do their job that’s important to others then they should find another place to work bc this is unacceptable in their field of work

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Jarrod Tanner
I would not recommend this place I was banned from giving said I was abusive to staff an I literally did nothing wrong , all I ask is why I can’t give an it was because they had stuck my arm wrong an I bleed an made a bruise the size of a softball

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Jarvis Davis
I like the way the staff treat you respectful

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Everyday thangs
Wait time is ridiculous takes 2hrs to get to a chair upon arrival staff is ridiculously low and slow throw away the whole management team

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Shannon Rhodes
The staff are all very nice and makes you feel welcome from the time you walk in until the time you walk out. Facility is clean. Staff is professional and will remember you and jokes around to help you relax.

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Irma Moore
The staff is super friendly. The process from start to finish is done in a timely manner no long lines. They pay is put on a card which is a good form of payment and it is also done in a timely manner. I recommend anyone to try it. If you need a little cash in your pocket to hold you over til payday this is the place to try.

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