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CSL plasma Inc. is one of the world’s largest collectors of human plasma. As a leader in plasma collection, CSL Plasma is committed to excellence and innovation in everything we do. Our work helps to ensure that tens of thousands of people are able to live normal, healthy lives. We are committed to our work because lives depend on us. Our U.S. plasma collection centers, which are located throughout the United States, are committed to the highest standards of quality and Safety. Plasma is the essential ingredient for products crucial to treating patients suffering from a host of life-threatening conditions and bleeding disorders. Give a valuable gift to those who require plasma-derived therapies to live healthier lives.

Based on 267 reviews, this Blood donation center has received a rating of 4.3 stars

Address: 3725 Rivers Ave Suite 7, Charleston, SC 29405

Located In: Rivers Center For Business & Technology

Phone: (843) 554-3381

Website: https://www.cslplasma.com/center/044

CSL Plasma 29405


Monday 7 AM–5:30 PM
Tuesday 7 AM–5:30 PM
Wednesday 8 AM–7 PM
Thursday 8 AM–7 PM
Friday 8 AM–7 PM
Saturday 9 AM–3 PM
Sunday Closed

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This place is ridiculous. Half the staff are awesome and the other half seem to all be sharing the same brain cell. You have to call 10x to be answered and the assistant manager has the social skills of a blind cockroach. God help us all and especially me because this place is the closest to my house and I have no choice but to endure.

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Shena Fordham
They get 3 stars ONLY because the staff are super nice but the location needs a REMAKE…it smells like urine soon as you hit the door!! NO MEDICAL FACILITY SHOULD HAVE THAT KIND OF SMELL especially since they are drawing blood and such. My experience has been horrible from day 1…first time, I understood that it would be a wait because of paperwork & verification but 7 hours…TOTALLY ridiculous!! Took that long because when I showed up, everyone was “on lunch” but they must’ve clocked out cause they never came back…smh…then my turn came and they couldn’t draw my blood…BOTH ARMS!! My arm was so badly bruised that I couldn’t donate for a week and a half…THEY STUCK AND PUSHED AND EVERYTHING to my poor arms…THE PAIN!!!! Then, they cleared me but the doctor needed to sign off saying it was ok. And it must be only one doctor for all the CSL facilities cause it’s still not signed off. I wasted so much time fooling around with their uncertainty and confusion for what THEY caused. Most people donating plasma feel good about helping someone but they need the money obviously. I drove past one location just to get to the next because the rep told me I couldn’t go to the closest location. My experience was nothing but frustration.

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Ayana Drayton
It’s way.bettter than octapharma the staff are more gentle and friendlier I would recommend this facility to anyone and they don’t just jab in your arm also it’s helping people that need medicine for plasma

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Yasmen Barr
The staff are very kind and sweet! And it is very clean and tidy in the place.

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Alyse Hewitt
Phenomenal first experience donating plasma! Shannon, Lilly, and Tamara were extremely helpful, informative, friendly, and patient with me (as it was all unfamiliar). It was the best donation I could’ve asked for! I will definitely be coming back!

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Daniel Alexander
Have donated plasma here twice and I intend to continue doing so – the staff are very professional and personable and make the process move along smoothly

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Jimmy Byron
Maria and sarina are the best! Very quick and efficient at their work! And very friendly. Definitely deserve a raise

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Lindsay Farris
The facility is clean and nice. The staff are so friendly and welcoming! Process is smooth and everyone is willing to answer any questions you may have which makes the whole experience amazing!

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Lindsay Johnson
I have never seen such a disrespectful manager in my life. I think her name was tony. I have seen her scream at the girls in reception, it makes me not want to come back and feel so sorry for the employees. Whoever is letting this lady continue to manage and get a paycheck needs to be replaced and this tony lady needs to go to a school on how to be nice to people and probably therapy because she obviously hates her life and has to make other people hate theirs too. So sorry to you, CSL employees!!

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Azure Reynolds
I have been donating on and off at this center for almost 3 years. My current correspondence with the staff and center has been fantastic. I just started donating again after lapsing about 6 months. My ‘New Donor’ process went smooth and swift. Everyone I interacted with were very nice, very professional, and all were pleasant to deal with. The system they employ doesn’t have you waiting around unnecessarily. The center is clean and I remained comfortable throughout my whole donation process. I suggest this center all the time to my friends looking to make some extra cash and making a difference while doing it.

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