Welcome to Interstate Blood Bank Chicago


We are located on the north side of Chicago, IL. Our blood and plasma donation center is currently accepting donations. When you visit our clean facility, you will receive caring service from our professional staff and earn compensation for your plasma donations. Give us a call today to find out more information or to schedule your appointment at our facility.

Our DONATION process

Medical History

We ask you routine health questions to make sure that the donation is safe for you and anyone handling your blood.

Pre-Donation Screening

Every donor has to go through a pre-donation screening at every visit, including vital sign measurements and a hematocrit test to ensure the safety of the donation.


Before a blood donation, your arm is cleaned and a venipuncture is performed using sterile materials, with no risk of disease transmission, as all collection supplies are discarded and replaced with new ones for each donation.


After your donation, you will be compensated for your time.  The entire process takes about 30 minutes.


Brother Junior

The staff are nice and perfectional . they use new and individual needles. I didn’t return for 30 years and they still had my records from way back then. Thanks interstate.

William Bogardus

It’s a great place to go help people at. Sometimes it might take a little long but.. All donation centers take a little bit. It’s not like you walk in there sit down donate and leave. Nothing’s that easy perit’s that easy.

Sosa Black

I’ve been donating for a almost a year now and its been amazing experience donating blood

Tatiana Z (RedSparrow)

I was there in 2018. Steve is awesome kind and sweet. I called to go again soon. Since its been six months. They said just renew your info. The place is not a fancy building. Though most all the people are kind.

Ricardo Rios

My first time experience in this place was very pleasant, Steve, the attendant was very nice and was very friendly even after he inserted the needle wrong in my vein. Overall it was a great place to donate.

Jareth B Tatum

Steve is the best tech on the team. He gives genuine concern for you as a donor and puts your safety first. The environment can be chaotic but he always makes sure to give care and attention to all the people he helps

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